Wednesday Kim



Inappropriate visitors trespass my dreams.


Inspired by Bosch paintings.


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Wednesday Kim

Wednesday Kim was born in Korea, immigrated to America in her early teens. Kim is a multimedia artist whose work is in the medium of video, performance, installation, and sculpture.

Her work has been shown in Oriel Davies Gallery (Wales, UK) in Concordia (Enschede, Netherlands), El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA), The Lodge Gallery (Los Angeles, USA), Jan Brandt Gallery (Chicago, USA), Espace Projet (Montreal, Quebec), "BIDEODROMO 2015" International experimental film and video festival / Sarean Cultural Center (Bilbao, Spain), Atelierhof Kreuzberg, INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE / ABTEILUNG FÜR ALLES ANDERE-ACKERSTR (Berlin, Germany), Bipolar Gallery, Kulturny Dm Lipsk, Sinnerei -PILOTENKUECHE (Leipzig, Germany), "PULSE" NEW YORK contemporary art fair, The Dock Arts Centre (Leitrim, Ireland), The Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens, Greece) and more.



Electric Women

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