"In The Tree" by Anna Luisa Petrisko


Electric Women would not be possible without the advice, support, and guidance of the following individuals and organizations:

ACRE Residency, Angela Washko, Blair Benjamin, Brendan Valley, Carmen Aguilar y Wedge, Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts, The Carnegie Mellon Fifth Year Scholars, Carnegie Mellon School of Art, Carnegie Mellon University, Cecelia Troyan, Charlie White, Denise Donaldson, Eric Anderson, Garth Zeglin, Golan Levin, Jesse Stiles, Kamal Sinclair, Keni Jefferson, Lauren Goshinski, Lauren McCarthy, Margaret Sophia Mertz, Mark Cato, Morehshin Allahyari, Renee Camerlengo, Rich Pell, Salome Asega, Sean Beauford, The Studio for Creative Inquiry, Tara Fay Coleman, Taylor Valley, Tom Hughes, Tom Justofin


Electric Women

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