Micro Performativity of Sex Hormones

Mary Maggic

Microperformativity of Sex Hormones (URINE-FETISH-DUNGEON-OF-LOVE) is an installation of hormonal shrines. Hormones, when isolated from the body, act as pheromones that can influence the mind and behavior through chemical signaling. Using urine samples, sex hormones were extracted and connected to oxygen masks for the audience to inhale and experience. What they experience is a microcolonization of the mind that is both ancient and evolutionary, but imperceptible to the naked eye.

The hormone extraction protocol was developed in part through the Estrofem! Lab nomad project, artistic research and investigation into generation of low-cost, DIY/DIWO protocols for hacking estrogen and creation of public discourse for hormone biopolitics. Estrofem! Lab protocols have been generated through collaborative hacking and iterative workshopping with members of Hackteria and GynePunk Lab, and various independent artists and researchers.

Installation schematic for Raumschiff Gallery, Open Call.

Revealing the aftermath of experimentation and hormone extraction not only demystifies the scientific method but also demonstrates that the process is just as significant as the final result. Refuting the sterility and purity of both the laboratory space and the gallery “white-box,” the open lab installation shows biology and biochemistry for what it is: messy, uncontrollable, and open for mutations and subjectivities outside of institutional access.


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Mary Maggic

Mary Maggic is an artist and biohacker working at the intersection of biotechnology and cultural discourse. Their most recent projects Open Source Estrogen and Estrofem! Lab seek to subvert dominant biopolitical agents of hormonal management, knowledge production and anthropogenic toxicity. Maggic holds a BSA in Biology and Art from Carnegie Mellon University and a MS in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT Media Lab.


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