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Lisa Park

What if people's heart rhythms could create music based on their interactions with others? 

Heartmonic (heart+harmonic) is an interactive performance piece that uses the bodies of participants as instruments, turning their heartbeats into a symphonic ensemble in real time. 


The performance is carried out by eight participants wearing heart rate sensors. Each of their heart rhythms is converted to sound and assigned to a different instrument—cello, piano, violin, marimba, percussion, flute, clarinet, or bassoon. The artist, who acts as a conductor, guides the participants in both physical and emotional activities designed to provoke their feelings. These activities include choreographed dance movements, holding hands, hugging, tickling, and kissing. Resting heartbeats are associated with a slower tempo, and elevated heartbeats correspond to more dynamic sounds, giving feedback to the participants about their state of bodies and minds.




Lisa Park

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Lisa Park is a media artist based in New York. She is a recipient of NYFA Fellowship in the category of Digital/Electronic Arts. She's currently an artist in residence at Nokia Bell Labs x New Museum. Her works were featured on Wired, The Creators Project, BBC, The New York Times Blog, Time Out New York, New York Post, PBS, and many other publications. 


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