Milk It, Hatch It,  Shear It

Joanna Cheung

Milk It, Hatch It, and Shear It are all part of a series of furniture pieces reinterpreted into biomimicry objects. Each piece is embedded with its own primitive intelligence of interacting with people. Its programmed knowledge and behavior are similar to domesticated farm animals and require care according to its specific personality and needs. 


The simple technology, which fosters animal husbandry, yields an emotional attachment between the user and furniture. This furniture series is activated through the user’s empathetic and attentive practices of tending animals. 


If they are placed in the wrong space, they might become irritated. If this occurs, see if they settle down after a day or two; if not please move them to a new space. They are low maintenance but need a small dose of daily attention and very basic TLC, as with any domesticated animal, including us humans. If the right user is found, all parties would mutually thrive together. 

Milk It

Milk It requires feeding through a small opening located in the seat. The recommended feeding technique requires the use of a funnel inserted into its opening. Milk It’s diet subsists only of water or “milk.”

Hatch It

Hatch It has an unusual obsession with laying eggs (I’m not sure if its a table that thinks it's a chicken or vice versa). Hatch It compulsively needs to lay eggs with the help of its foster parents. Not tending to Hatch It will eventually cause it to act irrationally and call out for attention.

Shear It

Shear It is a bit self-conscious and narcissistic, so it requires a haircut anytime you want to turn it on. Its hair must be replaced when it becomes too short. How you style it is up to you, but cutting it too short or not grooming it enough will cause Shear It to be anxious. So please groom assiduously.

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Joanna Cheung

I’m, Joanna Cheung, a transdisciplinary artist and designer. I create physical and virtual spaces which produce experiences, breaking down hierarchical balance between architecture and occupants. I create objects which subvert our understanding of the our interaction and relationship to the object.


My creative practice is driven by ideas of transgenerational trauma, feminism, & phenomenological reactions, mediated through tools such as rapid prototyping, open source hardware/software, and the internet.


I hold a Masters of Fine Arts degree from University of California, Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute.



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